Braided Low Bun Tutorial

Braided Low Bun Tutorial Instructions:

1. Start With Curly Or Wavy Hair - This helps keep the layers in your hair to stay more tucked into place.

2. Backcomb - Take small sections from the top back area of your head and with a small tooth comb backcomb your hair down toward the roots, this does create a knotting effect but will help give you the volume you are hoping for to not get the slick back look.

3. Prep For The Pony - Gather all your hair at the base of your neck and before you tie your pony pull up on the back part to help loosen the look and not create such a tight pony tail. You can also do this after pony tail is in place.

4. Make Sure Pony Is Tight - be sure to look from the front and loosen any spots that are looking to tight to your head in order to create a balanced look.

5. Back Comb Your Pony - this helps create a fuller braid and will make your bun bigger.

6. Section Hair Into 3 parts. - Ready to braid.

7. Braid Pony - Braid all the way to the end, you may put a small elastic at the end.

8. Loosen Braid - loosen the braid by tugging and massaging the sides of the braid to help give a fuller look.

9. Spin Braid Around Pony Tail - As you spin bobby pin braid into place.

10. Pin Into Place - tuck the end of the braid in after your braid is fully pinned all the way around. Pin any stray bits poking out.

11. Done - Check in the mirror to make sure everything is in place and your elastic's aren't showing. Hairspray!


Thank you to the talented Codi Lynn for snapping the photos and making the lay out for my tutorial.


Get to know Roxann better

Hi! Thanks for following along on my Blog.  I am excited to share more about me, my latest work, hair tutorials and behind the sense with you all! 

Let me get started by sharing 10 things about me!

1. I have wanted to be a hairstylist since I was 12.

2. My younger sister Codi and I have kids 2 days apart

3. I grew up going on motorcycle rides with my parents and their friends, I always wanted to ride on the loudest bike so my uncle drilled holes in his muffler so his would be louder! 

4. I am the only natural Blonde in my family. People used to joke that my parents got me from the milk man. (Yes we used to have a milkman!)

5. When I was little and I would have a bad dream my Mom would tell me to think of bunnies in a field - It helped.

6. I love finding the perfect gift for people and will shop until I find it. I think this is why my family and friends tell me that I'm so hard to shop for because I put so much effort into peoples gifts.

7. I have traveled to Jamaica, Bali, Nicaragua, Thailand, Hawaii, Mexico (multiple times) and many places in the U.S. and Canada. The travel bug is still very much alive and I hope to visit my girlfriend in Amsterdam next! 

8. Growing up I always envisioned my life with having daughters. God had other plans and has given me the most wonderful boys, I couldn't imagine life any other way now.

9. My husband and I have been together for 11 years, we started dating in grade 12. I guess you could call it high school sweethearts but does that count if you went to different schools?

10. I recently started an Instagram account and I have been loving the new clients, connections and collaborations that have come from it.  I'm excited to see whats next!


Some recent family photos from our day in the life session with Mclachlan Studios

Wedding Hair 2016

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