I am Roxann Redekop,
Owner and hairstylist of Mauve Hair Design. The name of my salon is something that I am often asked about and it is also very meaningful to me. Growing up my sisters and I spent a lot of time at my Grandparent's farm, where they raised and trained race horses. The farm race horses always wore the colours Mauve and Turquoise on race day. I have always loved these colours and, since I wanted the salon name to be a colour, the name "Mauve Hair Design" was born. I had always wanted to have my own salon and after three years of working at various salons, I was eventually able to open my own in 2009. I have a professional salon set up in my house, this allows me to be more present with my husband and two sons in between. You might just get the chance to hear some giggles from the other side of the salon walls.

I specialize in styling updo's for special occasions, and enjoy all the foils, cuts and colours just as much. When people ask me what I think about my job, I can honestly respond that I love it and often describe it as "having coffee with friends". I would love to get to know you better and have coffee with you, while we style you something new.