Braided Low Bun Tutorial

Braided Low Bun Tutorial Instructions:

1. Start With Curly Or Wavy Hair - This helps keep the layers in your hair to stay more tucked into place.

2. Backcomb - Take small sections from the top back area of your head and with a small tooth comb backcomb your hair down toward the roots, this does create a knotting effect but will help give you the volume you are hoping for to not get the slick back look.

3. Prep For The Pony - Gather all your hair at the base of your neck and before you tie your pony pull up on the back part to help loosen the look and not create such a tight pony tail. You can also do this after pony tail is in place.

4. Make Sure Pony Is Tight - be sure to look from the front and loosen any spots that are looking to tight to your head in order to create a balanced look.

5. Back Comb Your Pony - this helps create a fuller braid and will make your bun bigger.

6. Section Hair Into 3 parts. - Ready to braid.

7. Braid Pony - Braid all the way to the end, you may put a small elastic at the end.

8. Loosen Braid - loosen the braid by tugging and massaging the sides of the braid to help give a fuller look.

9. Spin Braid Around Pony Tail - As you spin bobby pin braid into place.

10. Pin Into Place - tuck the end of the braid in after your braid is fully pinned all the way around. Pin any stray bits poking out.

11. Done - Check in the mirror to make sure everything is in place and your elastic's aren't showing. Hairspray!


Thank you to the talented Codi Lynn for snapping the photos and making the lay out for my tutorial.